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Hi Robert, just wanted to say thanks for everything. I had a really great time in Kansas city and was really happy with your house. I may end up back in KC next year for a bit so I'll be sure to let you know if that pans out :) all the best !! thanks again!!!

Barb on medical rotation at St. Luke's Hospital 

Robert, thank you so much for providing such a great housing experience this summer. You have a great home to live in, your very kind and helpful, and my housemates were awesome, not to mention how close I am to everything. My summer surely would not have been as great had I not lived in the Charlotte house!

summer of 2016

Hi Robert,
I finally heard back from the law firm in GA and I was offered the position. I need to get back to Georgia pretty quickly so I can get set-up. I plan to move out my room by the 19th of next week.  I have really enjoyed living here for the past 4 months
Thanks again,
Melissa, JD, LLM

Hi Robert,
The Charlotte House is a good fit for me- Hector is a wonderful host;he taught me the ins-n-outs; made me welcome; took me shopping. Many guest lodgings in France are just like this- as an economical solution to costly hotels but not shabby either. I haven't set up my US cell phone program but will give you a number before Monday. May put a few living plants in this guest room?  I plan on buying containers that fit specific spaces- just organizing my space.
Thank you Robert.

Good morning Mr. Fine!
I am a graduate student at West Virginia University. I will be doing an internship with KUMC this summer, and I hear you have fabulous accomodations! Apparently some Harvard students stayed there last year - the word has gotten out... I will be in KC June 25 - Aug 20. I have looked at some of your online pictures - beautiful! It sounds like I may be interested in one of the rooms - and I don't want to miss out!  (I am waiting to hear from another student - I don't know yet if we might be looking for something together, or not...) I look forward to speaking with you -
Thank you,
Bambi Bevill

Hi robert, It's Sergio, hope you remember me (Colombian, stayed in the 3114 in January for art classes). "I stayed in January to study art in thanks to an scholarship. The place was very convenient, specially for an artist in a budget, from another country. The staff was very friendly and welcoming and the house truly felt comfortable. I was a great home away from home" Loved the stay. Let's hope we'll see each other again :D

Sergio Chaves